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Mize Elementary Green Gathering
KACEE Kick Challenge Winners 2024

Mize awarded $1000 Grant from KACEE.

Families and various community organizations came together on Wednesday, May 8, to celebrate Mize becoming a Kansas Green School.

Mize students and technology teacher, Mimi Leuszler, produced a video, Mize Going Green at Lunch, detailing their plan to create less waste during their daily school lunch. The greener lunch plan includes sorting their lunch waste into compost for their garden and recyclables. The students also work with building learnership to incorporate reusable silverware and plastic trays when possible. The Kansas Association of Conservation & Environmental Education (KACEE) presented a $1000 grant for their new lunch disposal line.

At the Green Gathering event to celebrate this accomplishment, the new Garden Outdoor Classroom was unveiled which is located next to the Mize Gardens and the new compost area. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the new green spaces, view various student projects including the Recyclable Invention Convention, paint a rock to be used in the Kinder-garden and attend a pond talk.

Thank you to the Kansas Association of Conservation & Environmental Education, Kansas Green Schools Happy Valley Farm, Scraps KC, K-State Extension Office, the 4H Club and Johnson County Health & Environment for attending the Mize Green Gathering!

VIDEO: Mize Going Green at Lunch

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Mize Green Gathering
Students and teacher working in water garden
Family touring elementary garden.
Raised garden bed of lettuce.
Student selecting rock for painting with teacher.
Students painting rocks at craft station.
Elementary teacher and students in front of water garden